Yele is located in Gbonkolenken Chiefdom which (according to the Sierra Leone 2015 Population and Housing Census) has about 67,500 inhabitants. The nearby chiefdom (which in fact also belongs to the catchment area of Yele) has about 36,000 inhabitants. As for medical facilities, there are only PHUs (Peripheral Health Units – small medical posts without a doctor) in the villages and the only one hospital for these chiefdoms (and other adjacent chiefdoms) is the LHMC in Yele. Other 2nd line hospitals are the Government Hospital in Bo and Magburaka, so far away. Many villages do have a primary school, but according to our research there are no secondary schools in either chiefdom except the SDS SS in Yele. Other SS are in Bo and Magbuaraka. Yele has about 7,500 inhabitants and within a radius of 10 km of about 20,000 inhabitants (including the population of Yele).



Opening of 5 renovated schools in Yele

PROUD, after 2 years of preparation, fundraising, planning and building the five primary schools in Yele, Sierra Leone are fully renovated and received new education material. On the 18th of June the Minister of Education, Science and Technology in Sierra Leone dr Bah opened the renovated schools. Thanks to ‪Wilde Ganzen‬, ‪Action4schools‬, ‪Lion Heart Foundation‬ and ‪Smarter Hospital‬ and many volunteers we made this project to a success. Keep following our website because another project called “Teach-de”Teacher” is started to continue our support to the community of Yele.

We support not only the local primary schools in Yele, but also an Child Care Center for children of deceased parents as a result of Ebola.