Vegetable Garden renovation – COMOC

Bouke, Thomas and volunteers visited the Orphanage in Mombasa (Kenya) from 19/10 to 28/10 spend a week with the children, and have done several other tasks and projects:

  • Saturday 20/10 a Dutch Pancake party with all the children and Bouke’s parents
  • Clothing distribution to all the Children (several donors local and int’l)
  • Baking, cooking and kitchen materials for COMOC Kitchen
  • Cooking classes for the elder children with Chef Dennis d’Angi & Bouke
  • Built the Garden, water harvesting & chicken Shed with Thomas Muema
  • Educate the children on gardening, growing vegetables and maintenance

Due to enormous rains during the week (starting on the 22nd November 2018) the build was seriously hindered in progress. Especially the concrete works and the chicken shed had delays through this. The garden are was already prepared by the children and the orphanage management, and could make good progress in between the showers. Luckily the planting (most seedlings) and the seedling nursery were not affected that much by the rains as the drainage to both area’s was properly build by Thomas. This prevent the plants and seeds to wash away.

Unfortunately due to time restrictions (travel back to Nairobi by Bouke and Thomas) the construction work was finished under the supervision of Jessica, the orphanage director. The chicken shed had to be built by the carpenter (at an extra cost, carried by Bouke) and is now in good use.
All works and activities have been performed, and the building works are signed off by Jessica.