Teach-the-Teacher Project 2021/2022

Teach-the-Teacher 2021/2022

In the last few months the Smarter Hospital Team and the Foundation A Helping Hand worked together on a plan to continue the Education Journey for the 5 Primary and 1 Secondary school in Yele. This plan was presented to Wilde Ganzen and approved as one of the projects Wilde Ganzen will support in 2021/2022. During our visit in June together with the Principals, Students, Teachers and parents we matured the plan which will be implemented starting at the new school year in September.

The main pilars are:

  • Continue of the Teach-the-Teacher project but with focus on local support via EducAid Cluster Mentor and the educated teachers will implement there learning’s across all schools.
  • Several Scholarships programs for students and teachers.
  • Setup an IT-Lab including solar panel facilities and IT education so students, teachers and the community can get access to Digital Learning facilities.
  • Integrate digital learning into Primary schools (on request of Principals and Parents)