Teach-the-Teacher Project 2020/2021

Teach-the-Teacher 2020/2021

Together with Stichting Een Helpende Hand (SEHH) we continued the Teach-the-Teacher program for the schoolyear 2020/2021. The 5 primary schools and 1 Secondary school in Yele will benefit again from the Quality Enhancement Program that EducAid executed the last 3 years already.

The following activities will be executed to assure that the teachers and the students will gain the same or better results as in previous years.

  • Engagement meetings with various stakeholders & beneficiaries addressing key ideas & approaches across two days & Catch-up training for incoming teachers.
  • Whole staff refresher training each term for 3 long half-days (starting after a short school day)
  • School leaders (Principal and Vice & Head and Deputy) for all schools join EducAid heads’ meetings twice per term.
  • A performance and engagement mentor providing permanent support to the implementation of new practices & liaison with EducAid HQ and the donor partners.
  • Access by teachers to the EducAid whatsapp and telephone supprt groups.