The non-profit Smarter Hospital Foundation is a joint initiative of befriended doctors and employees from IBM. They have local presence in Sierra Leone and a multidisciplinary team in the Netherlands which together define projects to support and improve local healthcare and childcare in Sierra Leone with the focus on Makeni and Yele.

The Smarter Hospital Foundation set itself the goals to:

  • Provide hospitals in Sierra Leone with doctors, medicines, medical equipment, infrastructure, training, knowledge and  IT.
  • Improve primary education in Sierra Leone by improving infrastructure and education methods.
  • Improve child care in Sierra Leone with a focus on Ebola orphans.


Smarter Hospital Foundation 8-9 year

The milestones reached so far are:

  • 3 years Teach-the-Teacher Program
  • Large funding campaigns set up for renovation of the Makeni hospital
  • During visit to Sierra Leone the board developed new mission, vision and goals.



Smarter Hospital Foundation 7 years

The milestones reached so far:

  • The Foundation supports a new hospital, City Garden Clinic in Makeni, where both Erdi and Ruurd work.
  • Sander, Gert and his wife visit Sierra Leone to start several new projects for the coming years, including renovation and expansions of City Garden Clinic and support for a children’s orphanage in Yele.
  • The Teach-de-Teacher project continues.
  • Received many donations.

Smarter Hospital Foundation Year 6

The milestones reached so far:

  • Project Teach-the-Teacher started where the teachers of the 5 refurbished schools in Yele receive education from a recognized institute from England, with the aim to bring education to a higher level.
  • Several small medical devices and medicine sent to the hospital in Yele.
  • Received many donations.

Smarter Hospital Foundation  Year 3-4-5

The milestones reached so far:

  • Renovation of 5 Primary Schools in Yele, Sierre Leone a project of € 140,000 where directly 2,100 pupils have received a renovated school and improved learning material.
  • Several small medical devices sent to the hospital in Yele.
  • Received many donations.

The Smarter Hospital Foundation exist already 2 years

The milestones achieved to date are:

  • 1 container to Yele, SierraLeone containing:
    • Two operating tables
    • Boxes of medicines
    • Fire extinguishers fot the hospital
    • Computers and accessories
    • Educational material for schools
    • Shoe boxes with gifts and school supplies for children
  • Visit of the foundation for employees to Yele providing
    • computer education
    • installation of computers and accessories in the hospital and factory
    • visiting the schools for the distribution of the education materials
    • identify improvements that need to take place in schools in Yele
  • Partnered with Action4Schools Sierra Leone Charity Gibraltar (246) to improve the schools in Yele
  • Many donations

The visit of the Foundation Yele, Sierra Leone

Bouke, Dora, Sander and Gert went to Yele in March 2013 to a education to provide and install equipment.

A year ago, Erdi, Bouke and Gert started the Smarter Hospital Foundation

The milestones achieved to date are:

  • 60 computers and 10 printers received from ABN AMRO for use at a school in Sierra Leone
    Centenial Grant of $ 10,000 received from IBM
  • Various financial Grants received from IBM for the effort of many volunteers
    Medications and education material sent to a hospital and school in Yele
    5 computers sent to power plant in Yele serving in the power for an hospital
  • € 2.850 received through an action on the junior high school in OBS Werkhoven
  • 2 mechanical operating tables built by the Medic foundation and ready for transport
  • Provided Foundation Medic with 10 new compuetrs and 2 printers
  • Several medical-related materials collected which are ready for transport to Yele
  • The next milestone is that the Foundation in collaboration with Lion Heart is going to send a container with medical equipment and computers to Yele

IBM Celebration of Services.

On June 15 IBM existed 100 years and through its IBM On Demand Community IBM volunteer staff where available for working for a social purpose. A large number of IBMers on June 15 attended the Celebration of day services and voluntarily deployed to a number of goals. The Smarter Hospital Foundation was present with a number of projects.