News from Erdi

On the evening of the 14th of January of 2020, we had to let go our very beloved, brave and tough co-founder Dr. Erdi Huizenga. She died in peace and we are intensely sad. A Memorial page has… Read More

Dr Erdi gives presentation at Start Up Bodrum in Turkey

on 11 October 2019. At a health care innovation event in Bodrum, Turkey Dr Erdi gave a presentation about City Garden Clinic and Smarter Hospital. A group of enthusiastic innovators in health care were there. It was great… Read More

NewsLetter Erdi April 2019

For a long time that I have written something. Mattresses: Many thanks! We have 30 new mattresses, partly donated, part donated by the hospital itself. Super improvement! Thank you to those who have donated !! For the best… Read More

News Update Erdi January 2019

Visit Smarter Hospital Board It is almost the end of the year and I have heard almost nothing from me. So it’s about time to write something. Since October 2017 I have been working at City Garden Clinic… Read More

Erdi NewsUpdate July 2018

Dear Friends, It has taken a long time for me to write you an update. The Clinic. I am working in the clinic, attending to patients as well as doing a lot of bedside teaching. Most nurses are… Read More

New website looks good

This website looks really good    

First experiences in the new ward (Yele)

on 11 August 2012. It is Thursday, the 4th day our new ward for inpatient is open. We have only one patient who gets much attention and care of our nursing staff. Mr Yankuba Sesay (CHO) is running… Read More

Hurray! The ward of LHMC is –unofficially- opened

on 25 July 2012. Since you can never be 100% ready and we do have to start once, the nurses started their calls this Monday. So instead of all coming at 8 am in the morning, only the… Read More

It’s the unexpected that always happens

on 18 June 2012. Dear friends, No funny or interesting blog this time (will also do), but less good news (though it’s all be fine). Last Friday was a busy day in the clinic (fairly normal for Friday)…. Read More

Digitale rontgen in Yele

on 06 May 2012. Met enige vertraging (vlucht gemist) zijn de monteurs van Medex uit Ghana aangekomen. Don Keus heeft met hulp van Frank, Hans en Co de laatste hand gelegd aan de elektriciteit aansluitingen. Hij heeft kisten… Read More