A new Chairman

From 1 January 2019, Sander Maarleveld took over the chairman’s hammer from Bouke van der Voet. In a short interview with our new chairman he explains his passion and future vision:

“I have had the honor to help our beautiful Smarter Hospital Foundation since 2012. I have been able to see  in 2013 for myself how hard our support is needed. In this 7-year period as a foundation we have been able to achieve great results on healthcare and education. Under the lead of Bouke our foundation growth from idea to concept and made it into a movement that makes the difference for many young children in Sierra Leone. Bouke has taken the lead with passion and courage to inspire and motivate all involved that was needed to make the difference, and I am very grateful to Bouke for having been able to bring the foundation to this level.

In 2018 we traveled to Sierra Leone again to see what the improvements were and what goals we can achieve for the next 5 years. We are ambitious! We want to do a lot in the coming 5 years, much more than before. We continue to focus on health care and education. We have laid a broad base in the last 7 years and it is now time to expand on that basis. In this light the entire board has asked me to take over the baton from Bouke. I am honored and I am happy with this new challenge with a lot of positive energy. Bouke remains part of the board. In the coming period we will provide more information about how we want to support the children and the less fortunate in Sierra Leone even better. ”

The Smarter Hospital will be launching a number of new projects. Keep following our newsletter and website. Not yet part of the newsletter, register at Newsletter-page