NewsLetter Erdi April 2019

For a long time that I have written something.


Many thanks! We have 30 new mattresses, partly donated, part donated by the hospital itself. Super improvement! Thank you to those who have donated !! For the best old mattresses, we now want to have covers made, so that all beds are hygienic.

Child Care Center

We are also busy with Smarter Hospital. We are preparing a major project for the clinic. You will certainly hear / read more of this later. We are already working on another project and that is the Child Care Center in Yele. That started after the Ebola outbreak, because there were many children who lost both parents to Ebola. The family she was forced to take in has barely enough to eat for her own family. That is why these children were often used as “house slaves” or left almost entirely to their own devices. That was not allowed to happen, Dr. ABD thought, and he then wrote to his friends in America: the plan of the Child Care Center was born. When Ruurd and I were just here, Ruurd oversaw that the buildings for the Child Care Center were being completed. There are now 20 children, 3 mothers who take care of them and a manager. Most have lost both parents to Ebola, some also one parent to something else and then the other parent to Ebola. Smarter Hospital wants to find sponsors for the daily necessities for these children: food, clothes, a pen and notebook for school, etc. For only € 10 per month you can sponsor a child. You will receive an update about your sponsor child (through me and through the manager). Read the stories of these children on the website and choose who you want to support. https: //

Broken leg

The girl with the broken thigh has stayed for the entire treatment and is walking again! Watch the video.


That was also the time that we were a very experienced PUM nurse, Mirjam. Dancing with our patient here. She has taught a lot to the nurses and has done team building among the nurses! She has also coached Martha, our matron, now they are still in touch!

Leaking urine

Our labman’s wife has been successfully operated at Aberdeen Women Center (a legacy of Merci Ship, where they are still performing recovery operations of the VVF (vesicovaginal fistulas – connection between bladder and vagina, causing women to lose urine continuously.) She is back home and doing well.

Guarded against major problems

When you work in a country for a longer period of time, people get to know your work. both bones broken.He was treated with local herbs and no stabilization of the fracture.That makes it very painful and not healed.A employee of the workplace where I do have prostheses made for the patients that we have to amputate, this young As this employee himself has lost a leg, he knows what it means to lose a leg. ide legs. To prevent that, he took the boy and his father to me. The x-ray showed that there was no cure yet, but that the fracture position was okay. The herbs of the herbal doctor had made superficial wounds at his ankles. We took the herbs from his legs and gave him plaster above his knee. We have a hole in the plaster at the height of the wound, so that we can keep it clean and heal properly. This was a good opportunity to teach Alie, our clinical health assistant (CHA), how to work with the plaster saw. The boy turned out to be a real “cowboy” (without a horse) so his legs are very important to him. He had not been to school, so he suddenly had a good chance of learning more English and writing letters in a notebook. 😉 The first period he was in the hospital, because he was not allowed to walk yet, later he went home with the plaster. When the plaster was removed, it took some getting used to, but he was able to walk well.Super action from the prosthetics workshop. He certainly has prevented a lot of damage for this “cowboy”! I am glad that we can be a place where he can bring this boy.

Cervical cancer screening

Two weeks ago, Dr. Nick, my colleague at the time of the Ebola, was visiting for a week. Dr. Nick is now a gynecologist in training, but still has a strong bond with Sierra Leone. He works with me to introduce cervical cancer screening in Sierra Leone, together with an organization here in Makeni (World Hope International) and an organization in the Netherlands (Female Cancer Foundation). We are writing a plan to start screening in the province of Bombali (where I am currently working) to show the government how it can be done. And hope that it will then be copied in other provinces. But the main purpose of his visit was to start screening. And it worked! We have started! Our first staff were the first volunteers to be screened, followed by others. We screened 19 women in three days. From now on we will screen women every Thursday for cervical cancer.

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