It’s the unexpected that always happens

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Dear friends,
No funny or interesting blog this time (will also do), but less good news (though it’s all be fine).
Last Friday was a busy day in the clinic (fairly normal for Friday). However, for Frank and his team work on the hydro was a very exciting and special day, because the day before they finally got the turbine so that it ran smoothly, so could the attempt for the first electricity from the hydro done.
Just when I had my first bite of my (late) lunch would take, I got the call that the power was going to be tested, even in the clinic, so all the sockets, safe place people gather. Quickly I put a sandwich in my pocket, the spaghetti in my other pocket and grab a bottle of water and on my bike quickly to the clinic.
That is not, certainly not the hill of the compound with many rocks / stones, with a water bottle in your hand and your thoughts at the clinic and the electricity test: cases.
I can remember the stones that I could not avoid and the bike that comes over me when I am lying on the ground. And severe pain in my left shoulder.
I try to come up with my right hand and my left arm supporting direction normal position: very painful. I still think geluxeerd hopefully that is the pain when the arm in the correct position. But with my left arm down to normal, controlled, but unfortunately not from the bowl. Then maybe my broken collarbone (also known cure simple / fast), but no, that is intact. Shit, it’s the top of my arm, that’s not so good. There we will have to make a picture to see how big the damage is.
Meanwhile, our cleaner at the hospital and some locals who long walk with me.
The wheel cleaner I rushed to the hospital to warn that power will be tested.
I try to stand, but fall nearly fainted. Ga soon sit in the shade. Just want to lie, but that does much more pain and does not. Frank ride along. I tell what happened, but he must be related with the test, he will warn others.
With others I walk a little later to the hospital, my arm supporting with my other hand. Sit there and received pain medication.
The test of the current is a success: people cheering / dancing / jumping / clapping.
Despite the pain I enjoy, I would participate. It’s party time!
Later in the same well-tested power a picture of my arm made: my suspicion is correct: a subcapitale humerus fracture.
Now go and week.
The photos were also assessed in NL and all feedback says conservative treatment, no surgery.
The pain is less (even with sufficient analgesia to wear it the whole week was). My left arm in a sling under clothing and sleeping sitting also helps relieve the pain. But really done too much that you get when you are responsible for a start-up clinic. Fortunately, with help from my fellow physicians tropics temporarily received support for the clinic by next Monday.
This allows me to NL next Tuesday for a specialist, physiotherapy streets and get more rest for healing. My plan is to then after 2 weeks to go back to Yele and then continue with the exercises from the physio and also have far to go to the clinic.